Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Art Noel the Elf on the Shelf strikes again!!!!

Art Noel returned to the Rozema house a day late as we were in Michigan until Dec. 1 late!  Nevertheless, he did show up with a North Pole Breakfast.  The kids were asking about him late Sunday.  "When will Art Noel be here?"  I sent them post-cards over the summer from Art Noel.  It's nice to say, "Well Art Noel saw you being naughty!"  Love being a stinker mommy sometimes!!!  
 Art Noel left gifts for the kids!  He left an outfit for Loren with a NUT card (No uniform today), a nightlight for Jax and a Book on CD (Magic Tree House books 8-16).
So for North Pole Breakfast the kids got Choclate milk, Pancakes with Christmas sprinkles inside, Bacon scarves and powdered sugar snow on top!  

Day 2 we found Art Noel fighting Darth Vader with Light Sabers
He also left a recipe for a treat while we decorated the tree!  Peppermint Ice-cream Hot Chocolate!  It was so awesome that I made one for Mike and I too!!!

It's a Tradition for Mike to lift each kid in turn and give them an opportunity to put the angel on the tree!!

Day 3 Captain Hook made Art Noel walk the plank!  This was Mike's's idea. I thought it was clever and funny!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Disney #1

Well I got a little grief from a few people (you know who you are - ha ha ha) that I haven't posted any Disney Vacation photos.  Well, you are right!!!  I haven't because I wanted to get them all done before I posted them. Despite my best intentions I haven't got them all done but here is what I have so far!